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How to help The Lonely Whale Kickstart its Fantastical Tale

How to help <em>The Lonely Whale</em> Kickstart its Fantastical Tale

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“For eleven-teen trillion years, fishes have roamed the monumental vastness that is the ocean.”

What is it?

Judging by the teaser clip, “The Lonely Whale” has the potential to be an artful recounting of a “fantastical tale.” The tale of a 20 something year old girl seeking her purpose in life as she traverses the vast expanses of her burgeoning city. These days it seems like the mundane and material centric post-recessecion generation floats through life caught between bewilderment and loneliness of spirit. What will be the fate of this Lonely Whale? Will her soulful aspirations be submerged by the cresting tsunami of social media fandom, or will she safely coast to the shores of self-discovery and find true happiness?

Who is involved?

You may recognize the Lonely Whale as Sarah Sutherland, best known for her role as Catherine Meyer on the accolade heavy HBO Series, “VEEP”. Her previous successes and melancholy mannerisms make her, in my mind, ideal for the part of this soul searching main character lost in a sea of want and societal expectations. Australian producer Nicholas Littlemore (Production credits include Elton John and Ellie Goulding) and American Jazz musician Henry Hey will be taking on the task of scoring this emotion rich artistic endeavor.

The project is being led by Sophie Tabet, a NYU Tisch for Film & TV Production graduate, who upon ‘landing’ in the big apple in 2011 founded Landed, a multidisciplinary production house. Over the past 3+ Years, Landed NY has been credited with directing and producing a number of music videos, promos and short films. Tabet is also a Creative Executive for Pandemic Film.

Why you’d care?

The emergence of the the crowd-funded movie trend has an undeniably humble and indy appeal. If you have ever wanted to dabble in the world of filmmaking, but wanted to dip your toes before your took your oceanic plunge, this is the vehicle for you. With reward bearing pledge amounts ranging from $10 for a website credit to $5,000 for executive producer, you don’t have to be a Hollywood mogul to get in on the action.


Lonely Whale - www.filmfad.comSlews of documentaries and low-budget productions have been born from this collective yet independent film movement, so what sets this film concept apart from the rest of the pack? I think, Tabet’s fresh and unique short film idea allows her the opportunity to put her generation under the microscope in the form of a ‘lonely whale’ and cinematically explore the panicked state of being that is ‘what do I do with my life?’


The teaser is both engaging and visually dynamic. If you take a look at a few of Landed’s other productions, they have a certain subdued edginess. What I mean by that is that they bring about a  provocative quality to their content, but it is never overt or in your face. With aspirations of rotationg the film festival circuit, namely a kick-off at the Tribeca Film Festival, I would say that Tabet’s high hopes indicate that she has something special up her sleeve.

Don’t take my word for it (I surely wouldn’t). Go to “The Lonely Whale” Kickstarter page and take a look for yourself. Don’t forget to check out to see some of Tabet’s other Projects.

Their Kickstarter deadline is Feb 26 2015, so make sure to check out “The Lonely Whale” by Sophie Tabet Today.

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