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Remembering The Late ‘Batman ’66’ Star Adam West

Remembering The Late ‘Batman ’66’ Star Adam West


The iconic 1960s “Batman” television series actor, Adam West, has hung up his cape for the last time passing away at 88 years of age.

Very seldom do I meet a person, young or old, who does not have fond memories of the sharp-witted Adam West traipsing across the screen in spandex and signature short-eared cowl. From the infamous can of shark repellent to the psychedelic ultra-60s dance sequences, Adam West undoubtedly brought audiences one of the most memorable and unique versions of Batman to date. For that and his other memorable contributions to the halls American pop culture, he will greatly missed.



Majorly defined by his hyper-campy adaptation of “Batman,” Adam West has remained a bright knight in hearts of pop culture aficionados around the world. Rather than rejecting his pop-culture past, West embraced it delving into the realm of comedic voice actor with a major run as Mayor West in “Family Guy” and multiple special guest appearances including “The Simpsons,” “Futurama,” “Johnny Bravo,” “Rugrats,” “The Fairly OddParents” and even one episode of “Batman: The Animated Series.” had the distinct pleasure of sitting in on a roundtable interview with Adam West at the past 2016 New York Comic Con, and it confirmed our every hope and dream about him. During our round-table discussion, West tread through a variety of topics from his inspiration for “Batman,” to his Jazz-fueled Bat-mantra, to what has made his franchise iconic enough to stay relevant even in today’s new-age of superhero cinema and fandom. West even laid out a detailed “How-To” on becoming Batman and why he chose to interpret the iconic comic book hero with a unique sense of humor.


Adam West as Batman in the ’66 television series.

A major takeaway from my brief time spent with West was that he was a genuine person. He listened and engaged each of us, always employing his sharp wit and infusing his signature feel-good sense of humor. What was amazing was the diversity as I looked around the press room that day. A collage of races, genders and age that had gleefully congregated that day to meet one man, Adam West. Perhaps there is a key to West’s staying power and ability to transcend race, gender and age, according to West that day,

The longevity is owing to the fact that we did it seriously for the children, you know so they would be excited by it, but “funnily” for the adults. They would certainly be able to sit with the kids, while the kids would take it very seriously, dad would laugh his head off. Now that was a tightrope…To have to play the seriousness for the children and at the same time tongue and cheek for the adults.

One thing is certain, Adam West will forever be a permanent fixture in the annals of comic book iconography. While it may be the end of an era in some ways, fans of West and his contribution to pop culture will live on. And remember, if you ever find yourself longing for your “Bright Knight” you can always  “Tune in tomorrow—same Battime,same Batchannel!”

Watch our FULL 2016 New York Comic Con roundtable interview with Adam West below:

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