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5 Things We Want to See in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

5 Things We Want to See in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

3.) Steve continue his Growth


The next batch of entries may seem not as important as the earlier 2, but that’s how this show succeeds the way it does… its characters. If you had asked me what I thought of Steve in the last season I’d give you an entire list of complaints. He was a douche, but apparently he was originally even worse. It was the fact the actor himself was such a nice guy in real life that they changed things. I’m willing to bet the little line saying that it was his friend who spray-painted the actual slut shaming on the theater was supposed to be Steve himself. So I was incredibly shocked that they found a way to redeem him. They had a difficult balancing act with making him a better person while getting Nancy and Jonathan together. Yet not making it seem like all the crap was happening to him unfairly. Will he have his own new love interest in the next season? Will he continue fighting Billy? Fun Fact: the creators said Billy’s character was basically Steve’s original one. It’s literally the old and new version of Steve fighting.

2.) Where is Dustin Headed?


It is said that the reason Dustin and Steve were teamed up was due to the Duffer Bros. not having a full plan what to do with either of them. All the other characters had their arc or were wrapped up in stuff, so put them together and magic happens apparently. Still he had some of the best moments of the season like the snowball dance. I think the reason it’s so heartbreaking is that even though he swears like a sailor he’s a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of character (think Greg from “Over the Garden Wall”). So when he does eventually break down it’s all the more sad. Screw you Stacey! I found it interesting that he’s the character that’s most into science. We have that body of the demodog that he’s apparently keeping. We saw how excited he was to show Mr. Clarke. Will he experiment on the body? Will he find his own love interest?

1.) More Mike and Eleven


If I had one complaint with this new season it’s that I wanted more of the relationship with Eleven and Mike. They did what I was afraid and delayed it as much as they could. That’s one thing I normally like about streaming shows versus network. There tends to be less of that crap. Still I admit that it made the reunion itself feel very special. Although I would argue that they could have done it in episode 1 and people would have eaten it up just the same. After all, the best part of season 1 was those two crazy kids. I know from the whole #JusticeForBarb thing that the Duffer Bros. do listen to the fans (one reason why I’m not too worried about episode 7) so I have this one plea. Please don’t just keep finding ways to separate Mike and Eleven in each season. There’s just so much to play with. How will Eleven and Mike change as they get older? I mean people change enough through puberty and when one has powers plus becoming a woman at the same time it’s bound to cause plenty of conflict and drama to keep the relationship interesting.

What do you think? What do you want to see explored more in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3?

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