The second international trailer for “Wonder Woman” gives a deeper look at her home.

While the dialogue may not be in English, the second international trailer for “Wonder Woman,” brings a bit more visual splendor. There is a bit of crossover from previous trailers but the small bits we do see are a bit more of her home Themyscira and the possible origin of her costume. Take a look at the trailer below.

Even without native dialogue, the visuals for “Wonder Woman” look amazing. I believe that the eye candy may be the highlighted appeal of the film. From the lavish world of Themyscira to the gritty feel of World War I, there should be a lot of elements to draw audience attention.

I think that the key element to this trailer is the costume and sword. We see both of these revealed in a shrine-like area of her home. The sword is in clear view while the costume is a bit more obscured. Much like other Wonder Woman stories, I’m sure that we can expect this costume to serve a more ceremonial, iconic purpose to her people.

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