Star Wars Digital

The “Star Wars” digital copies release on April 10, 2015, but I’m not sold!



I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been watching the films and I’ve owned just about every release of the films since VHS. Now with the digital age comes a digital release of the six “Star Wars” films for a price between $90 and $100. Even with this being the first digital release, the question is, “Is this worth buying?” Here are my reasons why I think you should NOT buy this collection.

Han shot first, but not in this collection…

Han Shot First

If you’re looking for Han to shoot first, look elsewhere!

If you’re a true “Star Wars” fan then you know that Han Solo shot first in “A New Hope.” In the theatrical release of the “Star Wars IV: A New Hope,” the bounty hunter Greedo finds Han Solo in a Tatooine cantina. Attempting to collect the bounty on Han’s head, Greedo is unexpectedly shot and killed by Han. George Lucas changed his mind on this scene and later added in a moment that makes it seem as though Greedo shoots first to make Han Solo look more justified.

So what is the significance of this scene? This scene, like many others, were edited and/or remastered for later media releases. The most recent Blu-ray release of the “Star Wars” films included all of these changes yet despite the storage capacity, no option for viewing the original theatrical release. With that said, many were hoping that we would get the option of the original cut with the next release. Unfortunately it sounds like the digital release of the films won’t be the theatrical releases we’ve been anticipating. Badass Digest recently released an article expecting the theatrical edition of Han shooting first but just recanted that article confirming that the original cut will not be the digital films we will (or will not) be buying.

If you’re a fan of the current versions then this still may interest you but as for me, I’ve had the longing for the original cuts remastered for quite some time and I’m still waiting patiently.

You’re actually leasing not buying these films

Star Wars Digital

Star Wars Digital Copies, do you own them really?

There’s been much debate about the ownership of digital media. You’re paying for something that has no tangible existence yet you somehow own this item you’ve purchased. The question is, “Do you really own this item?” The legal answer is, “No you don’t.”

A few years ago The Guardian published an article on digital ownership. In particular they referenced a case where Actor Bruce Willis had a lawsuit against Apple because he wanted to leave his digital music collection to his children in his will. Because his collection was a digital collection, Bruce Willis could not transfer ownership to someone else making this ownership more like a lease.

This is a drawback of “owning” digital files. There is no transfer of ownership (for most content) and you don’t have the right to sell that content like you could with other tangible assets. While I and many would not have the intentions of selling or transferring ownership of this “Star Wars” collection, the idea of paying $90 or even $100 for no tangible item troubles me. Sure I’ve purchased digital items in the past but never paid a price tag this high. If I’m paying the same amount of money that I paid for the Blu-ray collection then I want another set of discs and a digital copy like I get with most Blu-rays I buy. I want something that I actually own and the ability to have things in the cloud is just a bonus, not a selling point.

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