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Will Peyton Reed’s whimsical and watered-down “Ant-Man” further distance this already miniature property from the greater Marvel cinematic universe?

After much tribulation during pre-production, ranging from casting change-ups to creative issues which led to a new director, “Ant-Man” has finally given audiences a glimpse of what to except with a full theatrical trailer. The question is, will Reed’s seemingly silly interpretation of this signature super-small superhero fit into Marvel’s big picture of future cinematic projects?

If you ask me, “Ant-Man” is destined to standalone as an adolescent oriented one and done movie with no potential for longevity. Why? Here are three reasons.

1. Although it seems that they have stayed relatively close to the comics with the Scott Lang story-arc, there is room for only one major comic relief character and that title is so popularly held by RDJ’s silver tongued and bullheaded billionaire, Tony Stark. Bringing in another funnyman like Rudd will, in my opinion, damage the more serious tone of the upcoming Marvel properties, which we already know are headed towards a darker place. From what we see in the trailer “Ant-Man” and “Iron Man” have two distinctly different brands of humor, the former being much more childlike than the latter.

2. Joss Whedon has already written out a need for Hank Pym or “Ant-Man” in the greater Avenger’s story. If you are familiar with the comics, Hank Pym was the sole creator of the upcoming avengers villain Ultron (click Here to read more about Ultron). With Whedon’s amended Ultron back story, Pym has no hand in his creation, rather Ultron is a byproduct of Tony Stark tampering with Chitauri technology that was left behind from the bout with Loki in the first Avenger’s film.

3. The movie just looks bad. I was not expecting much upon learning that the director behind “Yes Man” would be taking the helm of “Ant-Man.” Perhaps the only criteria was having directed a film ending in ‘Man.’ In any case, this film seems to be a mix between “Toy Story” and “Real Soldiers” and not in a good way.

Yellow Jacket - Ant Man - FilmFad.comOn top of all that, Reed has brought us a mangled version of Darren Cross as Yellow Jacket that is definitely not inline with the comics. Based on this trailer, “Ant-Man” seems much like a cheap attempt at copying the original “Iron Man” and geared towards a teenage audience with no thought of the adult crowd.


There is a Genius and a Corporate Executive.

Iron Man - Ant Man - FilmFad.com

Obadiah Stane & Tony Stark VS Darren Cross & Hank Pym

Genius creates innovative Technology that Corporate Executive wants to adapt for military application, but Genius denies use of Technology to the great disdain of the Corporate Executive.

Iron Man - Ant Man - 4 - FilmFad.com

Iron Man (Mark I) VS Ant-Man (Mocked One)

Corporate Executive creates an altered version of the Technology.

Iron Man - Ant Man - 2 - FilmFad.com

Obadiah Stane with Iron Monger armor VS Darren Cross as Yellow Jacket

Corporate Executive uses the modified tech to literally fight Genius or Genius’ Assign.

Iron Man vs Iron Monger VS Yellow Jacket vs Ant-Man

Iron Man vs Iron Monger VS Yellow Jacket vs Ant-Man

Genius or Genius’ Assign prevails. 

Iron Man - Ant Man - 3 - FilmFad.com

Tony Stark as Iron Man VS Scott Lang as Ant-Man

 Cheap attempt may be an understatement. Nothing says badass like Paul Rudd in the Ant-Man Suit… cough … lame!

Paul Rudd - Ant Man - FilmFad.com

“I know, it wasn’t my idea.”

Without further ado, peep the new “Ant-Man” trailer below and let us know what YOU think in the comments below. Do you think this film will pack a big punch or be far too small to capture the spotlight?