Guy Fieri James Franco Interview

Food Network Star Guy Fieri pops up in “The Interview” deleted scene!

Many people felt that the The Interview didn’t live up to its hype after the alleged Sony hacks. While many were expecting a hilariously controversial film, they instead got a bunch of James Franco and Seth Rogen dick jokes.

But there were some redeeming moments throughout the film. The cameos from Rob Lowe and Eminem were very well received with laughs from many and the latest leaked cameo follows with the same kind of humor. Take a look at the deleted Guy Fieri cameo below.

I find it very disappointing that this was excluded from the film. The cameos were the highlights of the film and this Guy Fieri cameo would have fit in well with the other cameos cited above. Given others’ general distaste for Fieri, I think this would have been very popular with viewers and maybe would have moved the laugh count from 2 to 3 for “The Interview.”

Did you find this cameo funny? I know I did!

[Source: Vulture]