Sinister Six -
[Source: Cinema Blend]

Marc Webb provides commentary revealing 3 planned characters for the Sinister Six spin off film.

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” had quite the mix of reviews opening weekend but despite the lackluster performance, the public has been intrigued by the announcement of Spider-Man’s most villainous team getting their own film. For those unfamiliar with the Sinister Six, we’ve covered their origins and our own speculations, but today we learned that Director Marc Webb has already confirmed half of the team for the upcoming film.

The video below highlights the Director’s commentary from the DVD/Blu Ray release of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” In that commentary Webb reveals Norman Osborn as not being dead (completely) and stated his plans for his return. He also revealed two other images that confirmed plans for both Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio.


This is our cryogenic head case for Norman Osborn, so we can bring him back for the sequel.”
– Marc Webb referring to Norman Osborn

I’m not sure if Norman Osborn is set to be the next Green Goblin but he’s definitely a planned “resurrection” according to Marc Webb. The other confirmations are based off of images that appear in the film’s after credits. The pictures below are of Mysterio’s mask and the symbol of Kraven the Hunter. These are both confirmed to be planned villains as well.

Mysterio Mask -

Confirmed to be Mysterio’s mask

Kraven the Hunter -

Confirmed to be the symbol for Kraven the Hunter

Planned doesn’t mean confirmed but it does provide us with more accurate speculation. In addition to what Marc Webb has confirmed for their plan, we’ve also seen Vulture’s wings and Doctor Octopus’ arms in the background of Oscorp and Rhino as a closing villain in the last film. Add that up and we have the entire team for the Sinister Six. Do you think that is a valid speculation? Will the Sinister Six be comprised of Norman Osborn (Green Goblin), Kraven, Mysterio, Rhino, Vulture, and Doctor Octopus?