Paul Blart Mall Cop Sequel

Paul Blart is back and this time he’s securing Las Vegas!

If you were one of the few that enjoyed Kevin James’ “Paul Blart Mall Cop” then you’re in luck. While it seemed both unnecessary and unrealistic, there will be a sequel to the film and today the trailer was released. Take a look at the trailer below!

“Paul Blart Mall Cop” was a simple, slapstick comedy for a conservative audience. Its humor was held at bay by its PG rating which some may appreciate but I found to be an unwelcomed hindrance. The one positive of the film was that the type of comedy and Kevin James go hand in hand when it comes to film. Overall many would say they did not enjoy the film but there might be an acquired taste for specific Kevin James fans.

Given that sequels usually don’t live up to their predecessors, I don’t expect much from the “Paul Blart Mall Cop” sequel. I’m sure the sequel has a bigger budget but budget isn’t what this film needs. Regurgitated comedy from the first film could lead the sequel to be a bigger failure than the first. While I would hope for the best for any film, I can make a preemptive judgement from the trailer which obviously shows repetitious comedy.

What do you think of a Paul Blart sequel? Can it succeed?