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Steven Yeun Faces Off Against Corporate America Zombies In His New Movie ‘Mayhem’

Glenn is back, and ready to kick some corporate zombie @$$.



Fans of “The Walking Dead” collectively fell off the bandwagon for the once rabidly popular AMC series when Steven Yeun’s beloved character Glenn got the blunt end of Negan’s barbed-bat. Since then, Yeun has had minor exposure with a few one-off projects and talk show appearances.

Well, Yeun is back and taking on another zombie apocalypse, but this time the walkers are the sheepish hordes of corporate America packaged as the fictitious firm, Towers & Smythe Consulting. What looks like a adaptation of James Gunn’s “The Belkov Experiment” if it was directed by “Army Of Darkness” era Sam Raimi, seems to capture suspense, action and some serious gory fun.

Based on the trailer, “Mayhem” seems to revolve around an experimental drug that unleashes the “Purge”-like ruthless nature of people leading them to revel in excess sex, violence and even murder. The second layer is that SWAT forces and the CDC lock down and quarantine the office building, leaving the unaffected few in a literal fight for survival.

Steven Yeun is one of those personable actors that fans just love to see on-screen, and this project looks to carry that same signature Yeun-charm.

Corporate America is a ruthless place

Check out the trailer for Steven Yeun’s new movie “Mayhem” below!

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