Into the Woods Poster

Hear Meryl Streep sing in this latest trailer for “Into the Woods!”

Disney’s “Into the Woods” has recruited an all star cast. With Meryl Streep as the face of the film, they’ve got their credibility and with stars like Johnny Depp and Anna Kendrick they’re building their fanbase. Take a look at the trailer below to see all of the stars get their storyline spotlight.

After hearing Meryl Streep sing, I’m wondering how music-centric this film will be. It almost feels certain that Anna Kendrick will get some song time based on her talent and popularity. With her hit song from “Pitch Perfect,” I think Disney would be smart to capitalize on her voice. As for the rest of the cast, I can visualize a scene with Johnny Depp singing and possibly Emily Blunt but the idea of Chris Pine singing sounds comical. Given the relationship between fairy tales and song, I’m guessing we may hear quite a few musical numbers.

Disney and fairy tale films mesh very well together. It’s where Disney got their start so I’m sure that “Into the Woods” will aim to please. With variations of classic tales being so popular (“Wicked,” “Snow White & The Huntsman,” “Once Upon a Time,” etc), it’s no surprise that Disney wanted to capitalize on “Into the Woods.”

Will you be seeing “Into the Woods?”