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Kevin Smith had a set genre for quite some time but every now and then he ventures from his comfort zone. “Tusk” is his first film in the horror genre but still seems to have a dark comedy tone. Take a look at the trailer below.


The main horror threat seems to be very similar to “The Human Centipede” with a man wanting to surgically experiment with the human body in obscure ways. The poking fun at Canada seems like it will be a recurring theme based on Justin Long’s mocking of the accents and saying, “I don’t want to die in Canada,” towards the end of the trailer.

“Tusk” seems interesting enough to me but what really piques my interest is my curiosity surrounding Kevin Smith’s first time directing a horror film. I’m a fan of some classic Smith films, but the redundancies start to show over the years. For this reason, I’m pleased to see Kevin Smith stepping outside of his comfort zone.

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