Joseph Gordon Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt breathes life into the “Fraggle Rock” film with a starring role!

It’s been a decade of discussion to get a “Fraggle Rock” film going but for some reason it has remained in limbo. While the TV show started in 1983, there have been many fans hoping for a theatrical return of this Jim Henson creation. Well with today’s announcement, the film may have received its biggest boost yet! According to Yahoo, “Inception” star Joseph Gordon-Levitt will both produce and star in the upcoming “Fraggle Rock” film.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will produce and star in the live-action Fraggle Rock movie for New Regency, The Henson Co. and Lisa Henson.
The big screen adaptation of the musical puppet series created by the late Jim Henson has been in the works for nearly a decade, but the attachment of Gordon-Levitt constitutes a major boost.

Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a perfect actor for this type of film. Given his love of theater and his (at times) animated style of acting, he will fit right in with the lively “Fraggle Rock” crew. He currently has a few other film obligations including an Edward Snowden film and an untitled Seth Rogen comedy in the works, so I wouldn’t expect such a very quick turnaround for the “Fraggle Rock” film.

While we may not see the “Fraggle Rock” film this year or even next year, the attachment of Joseph Gordon-Levitt is just what the film needs to get moving. I think he will have as much passion for this project as Jason Segel had for the Muppets film. Hopefully with this casting addition, fans can finally see this project moving forward as it should.

What do you think of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the starring role for “Fraggle Rock?”