Benedict Cumberbatch Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch is in negotiations to play Marvel’s Doctor Strange!

Finally a fan favorite is in negotiations for a Marvel film. According to Deadline, Benedict Cumberbatch should be Doctor Strange and the newest hero to join the Marvel cinematic universe. After Joaquin Phoenix recently bowed out, many had thought that Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t a front runner, so it’s pleasantly surprising to hear that he very well may be Marvel’s heroic doctor.

Marvel has finally found its Doctor Strange. I’m hearing Benedict Cumberbatch is the studio’s choice for the superhero pic, and negotiations are about to begin.

I am choosing words wisely with this news because until negotiations are finished, nothing is “truly” finalized. It is reported that Benedict Cumberbatch is further along than Joaquin Phoenix was in the process but we’ve all seen how quickly things can fall apart.

Phoenix never had a deal, and Marvel quickly got into it with other actors to play Doctor Strange in a free-standing film.

Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch in final negotiations for Doctor Strange.

I love Benedict Cumberbatch and I also think he is one of the most under-appreciated actors currently working in Hollywood. He’s got versatility and deep range as an actor and if you’ve seen the BBC show “Sherlock,” then you will know he’s got the reclusive intelligence to fit into Doctor Strange’s mystic realm.

I would say that the deal is pretty much done but again, we don’t want to speak in absolutes when there is definitely nothing absolute about this deal as of yet. If this deal does finalize then I think that the only thing that fans should worry about is how Benedict Cumberbatch will look with facial hair.

Who is ready for Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange?