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Joaquin Phoenix is officially out of the running to play Marvel’s Doctor Strange!

Despite months and months of heavy negotiations, it seems as though Marvel has finally given up. Maybe Joaquin Phoenix gave them a runaround like he’s been known to do or maybe Marvel was working too hard to acquire someone who wasn’t interested. Regardless of the reason, we won’t be getting this eclectic, Oscar nominated actor to play Marvel’s next big thing.

Marvel Studios‘ talks with Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix to play Doctor Strange are kaput. He never had a deal, but Marvel already is getting into it with other actors to play that superhero in a free-standing film.

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Who will play Doctor Strange now?

Now that the Joaquin Phoenix discussions have officially been squashed, I wouldn’t put faith into any actor to take the role until things are “officially” finalized. This is Hollywood and things can be built up and come together beautifully and then fall in an instant like a house of cards.

At this point all that we can do is speculate. There have been rumors of Ethan Hawke, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Jared Leto but this Joaquin Phoenix scenario should be a key example of when not to hold your breath.

If it were my choice, I would love to see Benedict Cumberbatch get the part. For the Sherlock fans out there, I’m sure you can envision him in the role but I still can’t envision him with a Dr. Strange mustache. For the others, I would suggest looking at a recent post that Mike did regarding his choices for Doctor Strange.

Who would your picks be for Doctor Strange?

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