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How Wizard X-Men Casting Choices Look 20 Years Later

How Wizard X-Men Casting Choices Look 20 Years Later
Wizard 1995 Issue Casting Call X-Men

Wizard 1995 Issue Casting Call X-Men



Rutger Hauer vs Ian McKellen

Wizard’s Choice: Rutger Hauer

Actual Choice: Ian McKellen

Film Fad’s Decision: Ian McKellen

I like Rutger Hauer but Sir Ian McKellen fits well into the role of Magneto for many reasons. Outside of his distinguished abilities as an actor and gentleman-like accent, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart have an onscreen chemistry that keeps their frenemy relationship strong throughout the X-Men series. I could see Rutger Hauer playing the villainous side of Magneto but establishing the conscience that is frequently tested due to friendship would be a daunting task for Hauer. McKellen and Stewart belong on the big screen together and I have loved McKellen’s portrayal of Magneto.


Clancy Brown Tyler Mane Liev Schrieber Sabretooth

Clancy Brown vs Tyler Mane vs Liev Schrieber

Wizard’s Choice: Clancy Brown

Actual Choice: Tyler Mane/Liev Schreiber

Film Fad’s Decision: Clancy Brown

Professional wrestler Tyler Mane looked great as Sabretooth and Liev Schreiber developed the connected rivalry between Sabretooth and Wolverine. While both actors added their own attributes to the character, neither encompassed the character as a whole. Clancy Brown (“Highlander,” “Shawshank Redemption”) has the acting chops and towering height that would have fit well with the role of Sabretooth. This actor would be more than believable standing next to Hugh Jackman and calling him “runt.” It’s disappointing that Clancy Brown is far past his prime because he would have made a more than fine Sabretooth.


Vader Vinnie Jones Juggernaut

Vader vs Vinnie Jones

Wizard’s Choice: Vader (Professional Wrestler)

Actual Choice: Vinnie Jones

Film Fad’s Decision: Vinnie Jones

Vader as Juggernaut? He’d be closer to playing the Blob. While I think that neither of these stars are great choices, Vinnie Jones is still a better choice than Vader. Jones didn’t portray the character as the hulking locomotive that we know from the comics but he did prove himself as somewhat of a powerhouse. His accent didn’t help to further the character development of Juggernaut but to his defense, it was the worst film of the X-Men franchise. I would pick Vinnie Jones but that’s only because he’s the lesser of two evils.

Emma Frost/White Queen

Rebecca De Mornay January Jones Emma Frost White Queen

Rebecca De Mornay vs January Jones

Wizard’s Choice: Rebecca De Mornay

Actual Choice: January Jones

Film Fad’s Decision: Rebecca De Mornay

January Jones is classically beautiful and has all of the physical features to make her a great Emma Frost based on appearance. What she lacked with her portrayal was that dangerous, two-faced confidence. Emma Frost is composed of sexiness, confidence, and deception. All of these traits we have seen from Rebecca De Mornay throughout her career in films like “Risky Business” and “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle.” While she may be a little too old to portray the role today, in her prime she would have been spot on to play the part. Outside of the apparent beauty of both of these ladies, I would have to say that my choice would be Rebecca De Mornay.

Who are some of your casting picks?

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Shannon Acosta

Apparently no one knows how to cast characters! The only ones that were good were Patrick Stewart, Iman, Vader, and Tyler Main. Redo! The movies sucked beyond words!

The Incredibitch

Man, Vader would have been an awesome Juggernaut. The guy is massive and yet in 1995 had the speed and agility of someone a third his size.







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