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Top 5 Movies with Muppets or Puppets

Top 5 Movies with Muppets or Puppets

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3. The Muppet Movie (1979)

More entertaining than humanly possible!

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“The Muppet Movie” (1979)

In 1979, puppet visionary Jim Henson gave cinematic audiences the first glimpse of his Muppets with the 1st in a line of many Live-Action Muppet Musical Comedies. In “The Muppet Movie,” Kermit and his new found muppet friends venture across the united States in search of the fame and fortune of Hollywood, but their travels are made difficult by a nefarious frog-legs merchant with his eyes set on the beloved lean green amphibian muppet. This easily makes the Top 5 as a pioneering film in the live-action muppet/puppet genre. Although made in the ’70s, “The Muppet Movie” really stands up against the test of time showcasing Henson’s signature brand of social relevance that still holds true for today’s audience. Over their eight film franchise “The Muppets” have grossed over $451,440,814 at the box-office and maintain collective average score of 78% on It’s safe to say that, even with Jim Henson gone, “The Muppet” brand will live on in the puppet loving hearts, minds and movie theaters of future generations.


Watch the original theatrical release trailer for “The Muppet Movie” below.

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