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The Top 5 Worst Parts of the MCU

The Top 5 Worst Parts of the MCU


Some may remember an ARTICLE from last week about the best moments of the MCU.

Well this week we look at the MCU’s shortcomings before we get to see how “Captain America: Civil War” turns out. My qualifiers, I’m not doing little moments like the other list. I honestly had a difficult time coming up with this due to the fact Marvel (in my opinion) has yet to make an awful movie. There are certainly some that are not terribly impressive, but at this point they have at worse only made average films. This is for more abstract aspects across the entire films… it’ll make more sense as we get into the list.

And SPOILERS, obviously.

5.) No memorable Film Scores


Da, da, da… (yawn) who cares…

This is more of a particular issue for me as I often feel film scores are majorly neglected in modern movies. So it’s not an issue exclusive to the MCU, but for being huge superhero films it feels unacceptable to me. Remember the themes to “Batman” (Danny Elfman) and “Superman” (John Williams), of course you do. Could you hum them? Again, the answer is of course. That’s one thing I’ll give the DC films over Marvel (and thus far that’s the only thing I’m giving them) with Han Zimmer doing the music, we do have some memorable themes in the films. However more to the point, what’s the “Captain America” theme? Or “Iron-Man?” No, the Black Sabbath song doesn’t count as cool as the “i am iron-man” lyric is. The only one in the bunch I can remember is the first “Avengers” film, although I couldn’t help but feel it sounded an awful lot like the “Judge Dredd” theme. Alan Silvestri doing both might be a reason why. They aren’t bad music by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s nothing to keep it in your brain after you leave the theatre. For me the music in films is important and I hope this is something that gets fixed.


4.) Red Skull Just Being Average


You can do better, Marvel.

No I’m not saying Hugo Weaving was bad as the Red Skull or even that the character was written poorly, just that he didn’t fulfill the potential that he could have. The Red Skull is my favorite Marvel villain ever. I may think that Dr Doom is better and possibly the greatest comic book villain of all-time, but Red Skull is still my favorite. Sympathetic villains are just fine, but sometimes the pure evil ones are even more engaging. You feel sorry for Magneto and understand where he comes from, similarly there is SOME humanity in Dr Doom. Not much but it is there and it can be reached, I just wouldn’t bet on that in a confrontation. However, even though the Red Skull is human he has no humanity left. And the Captain America Red Skull fights are like Batman and Joker in just how complete opposites they are in every aspect. Like matter and anti-matter clashes against each other. I never really got that feeling in the movie “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Don’t get me wrong Hugo was a superb choice, but he never really felt like his true nemesis in the film. He was alright and maybe if he appeared in more sequels he could have really shown off just how despicable he could be. I wanted an amazing villain and I only got an OK one, I couldn’t help but be disappointed. And this is something that I think sums up most of the movie villains in all of the MCU. They’re not bad per se, they’re just OK when they could be so much more. Whiplash had a great set-up and motivation, but unfortunately never went anywhere and lost his unique weapons. Ronan the Accuser fits into this, as does Malekith and Iron Monger. Or like The Leader in “The Incredible Hulk” which had a great foundation, but they haven’t decided to do anything with. Most say Marvel has weak villains and I can’t completely disagree.


3.) Hulk and Black Widow Romance



Again it’s actually kinda hard to outright say that this sucked because it worked on its own terms, but still I would have preferred not to have seen this. What I mean by that is this is that in context, this sort of falls apart. One it feels so out of left field especially since in “The Avengers”, Black Widow was clearly very afraid of the Hulk and that was actually something I really liked in it. Up to that point she and a lot of the S.H.I.E.L.D. members didn’t feel human. This part really did a lot to make Black Widow feel like more of a 3 dimensional character. She may be this badass spy, but she’s still human and the Hulk is f*@#ing terrifying to normal humans. Also as a fan I couldn’t help but think every time they kissed “Bruce! Did you forget about Betty?!” Overall it just felt like an unnecessary detour that both characters would be better suited for other things. Despite being all connected and planned out ahead of time, there have been a few plot points that remain unresolved. This is one plot thread I’d be OK with them also forgetting.

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Marty Nozz

Ironman 3 was so freaking awful By far the worst thing Marvel Studios has put out. The Mandarin thing was the absolute cockroach on top of that shit sandwich.

However, I love Kat Denning. I loved Darcy to death. Yes, this may kill any and all credibility I may have built up (or attempted to) with all my comments on here etc. but I don’t care. I loves her. I’ll take her over Natalie Portman all day, every day.

Eric Pace

I didn’t think the whole movie was awful but I think it had some major problems. I find it interesting that people seem to either really enjoy that movie or hate, very little middle ground.

We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Just do not invite me to any Darcy celebration or anything because I cannot be held accountable for my actions.







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