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‘The Room’ to Be Remade in 3D

‘The Room’ to Be Remade in 3D


The rising cult film “The Room” is getting a 3D treatment.

“The Room,” often referred to as the “Citizen Kane of bad movies,” has spent the years since it was released in 2003 as the internet’s obsession. Seen as a flop when it was first released in theaters, it has gained a huge cult following and now the original director Tommy Wiseau (often referred to as the modern Ed Wood) has announced that he wants to remake the film in 3-D.
For those who haven’t seen the movie it’s a “drama” about a couple’s relationship falling apart through lies, cheating, and a half dozen subplots that people still don’t know the purpose of. The word drama being in quotes due to the unintentional comedy that is in almost every single moment of the film. The cult that has built up around this film like with “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” or “Troll 2.” There are screenings all across the country with fans dressing up like characters from the film, yelling the lines along, and there has even been video games. The infamous reputation has grown so large that James Franco has bought the rights to the book “The Disaster Artist” (written by one of the actors himself, Greg Sestero (aka Mark)) about the making of the film with the intention of making it into a movie itself.

Director Tommy Wiseau who also wrote and starred in the original “The Room” has a reputation as odd as the film itself. So the idea of him wanting to remake the film in 3-D is not that unusual. However, he has also stated, “We may go to China with The Room.” It hasn’t come out in China or Japan yet … I don’t know, but I think they’ll have the same reaction there.” There are no official dates or anything on when this remake might happen but if Wiseau can get “The Room” made once, anything is possible.

What are your thoughts on “The Room?”

This was first reported by The Guardian

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