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The ‘Logan’ Trailer May Have Revealed BIG Wolverine Details

The ‘Logan’ Trailer May Have Revealed BIG Wolverine Details


After the trailer debut, I have some theories on “Logan.”

While the film has been shrouded in mystery, the “Logan” trailer may have revealed some huge spoilers. After reviewing the trailer multiple times, I think that the film may not be what it claims to be. The synopsis leads us to believe that Professor X has Alzheimer’s and Wolverine’s healing factor is fading. In addition we see X-23 make her debut and hints at Mr. Sinister being present. There’s definitely some truth to this but I believe some of that truth to be subjective.

Professor X Is Dead


Professor X is dead…

I’m starting with my biggest theory first. It may be Patrick Stewart and he’s definitely playing Professor X, but I don’t believe he is real. Instead I believe him to be a manifestation from Logan’s own deteriorating mind and body.

Pay attention to Professor X’s appearance throughout the trailer. The only person that he interacts with on camera is Logan. During their moments, Charles Xavier is continually Logan’s voice of reason. This leads me to believe that he is Logan’s way of coping. Due to isolation, traumatic events, and his deteriorating healing factor, this is more than plausible. Watch through the trailer once more, think “Fight Club,” and tell me you don’t get that vibe.


Never on camera with others.

A Lot Of Lives Were Lost


Many lives were lost…

“Mutants…they’re gone now.” It’s not explained how it happened but it’s distinctly said in a cemetery. This leads us to believe by association that mutants were exterminated. Remember “X-Men: The Last Stand” and the “cure” for the mutant gene? I don’t think mutants are getting off that easy, including Professor X. If “Old Man Logan” is a point of reference for the film, then this should correlate with the plot of “Logan.”

Logan Is Far More Gone Than We Think


Logan is far more gone than we think

He has aged and now has scars. These are the apparent physical changes that show us Logan’s deterioration in this film. With so much evidence of what we already know, it could be a distraction from what’s below the surface.


Look at his hand in the trailer…

In the beginning of this trailer we see Logan’s hand shaking. I believe this to be foreshadowing the other problems that Wolverine is facing. That type of shaking is usually associated with central nervous system issues. On top of that, if Professor X is indeed a manifestation, then Logan may be plagued with mental issues as well. It’s entirely logical that if Logan’s body is deteriorating, then the rest of him is as well.

X-23 Is A Badass


X-23 is a badass

She’s not being called X-23 but we all know. She’s depicted as a helpless child in the trailer, but there’s one moment where we see her shine. Just after we see Wolverine leaping into battle, we see X-23 follow suit. Around the 1:24 mark we see her leaping towards multiple soldiers. Unfortunately we don’t see the claws out, but hopefully we’ll get that in a future trailer.

Final Thoughts

As more trailers come, more details will be revealed. There are still some questions regarding Mr. Sinister, X-23, and other elements of the plot. We don’t know (for sure) if Mr. Sinister is in the film despite the overall public consensus that agrees with Sinister having a presence. What we do know is that the trailer for “Logan” has a lot of people excited. I am extremely optimistic and highly anticipating March 3, 2017.

Tell us some of your theories and observations from the trailer!

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