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Review: “Halloween (2018)” is Pretty Good but Can’t Quite Measure Up

So here we are again, the “Halloween” franchise is currently so broken that to save it we must reboot the continuity. This time for an added bonus we get to bring Jamie Lee Curtis back to the role that made her famous, Laurie Strode… again. Still after “Halloween H20” did an adequate job of restarting the series it still fell apart again shortly after. So let’s see if this Jamie Lee Curtis return is worth the hype and a true successor to the original John Carpenter classic.

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The Top 5 Scariest Characters in Film/TV

As a kid I hated the feeling of being afraid and couldn’t imagine I’d ever be a fan of a horror film. But it happened though it’s rare for a film to really honestly scare me anymore. It may be that since I study film production I can almost always see the strings as it were, so when a film/TV character does scare me it makes me take all the more notice. Now again I’m not restricting myself to just horror films as there have been some truly scary people in other genres. But don’t expect to see Freddy or Jason or the like on this list as I didn’t watch those kinds of movies

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TBT Review: ‘Tucker and Dale vs Evil’ Is A New Classic

Like my “ParaNorman” review from last year, “Tucker and Dale vs Evil” may already have very good reviews but once again… they’re not good enough! Now right from the first trailer I thought this was a really clever idea for a film. I’ll link it here, but honestly I’m not sure if I should. It’s a good trailer but it’s one of those stories where it would be if you go in knowing NOTHING about it. However, you still have to market it and how do you do it without ruining the surprise without selling a totally different story. The simple answer is you can so if you haven’t seen it then I suggest you stop here. If you’ve already seen it or just aren’t sure then follow me down further as we get into the film. *Spoiler Warning.*

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Eric’s Guide to Watching the “Hannibal” Series

I think I said this in an earlier article, but Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees were never really MY horror icons. I’m not much of a slasher fan. The horror series I was really into and help get me more into the genre were the Alien series and Hannibal Lecter films. So once again let me guide you through another series and let you know which you should see and which you should avoid to help enhance your viewing pleasure. Word of warning, I’ll be discussing some of these movies in great detail so here’s a Spoiler Warning.

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Top 4 Nostalgic TV Show Halloween Episodes/Specials

These are not for what necessarily are the most “Halloweeny” episodes out there. We’re not here to honor what scared us the most when we were younger, that was another list. Some are just good episodes that just happen to be set on Halloween and they should be acknowledged so here we go.

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The Top 5 Best Bela Lugosi Performances

What are your favorite kind of actors? For me it’s the ones who never give less than 100% in their roles. It doesn’t matter if they know they’re in crap, they refuse to talk down to the material. They are almost always the best to watch. You notice a lot of those kinds of actors tend to be from older generations. There was just a greater sense of professionalism and there are many reasons for this with how the studio system worked and other factors, but the point still stands. In my opinion, one of the best actors of this kind was Bela Lugosi. Pop Culture knows him best as Dracula, but he had so much more to offer as an actor. It’s a shame the studios didn’t see it while he was alive as his career gets very sad once you start trying to follow it. So let’s give the man his due and really show off how great of an actor he was.

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TBT Review: “The Fly 2” Fails Where the First Succeeded

Normally with these throwback reviews I tend to go with something I really like, but here I decided to go in the opposite direction and review something I hate! As in it’s somewhere in my bottom 4 or 5 most hated films. Like “Exorcist II: The Heretic” it’s a film I not only hate on its own merits but also because it’s a sequel to an amazing first film that happens to be one of my favorites. Let’s get into why and see if there are any redeeming qualities. I’m going to refer to “The Fly” (1986) as the original for simplicity sake even though yes I know it’s a remake but the actual original Vincent Price film doesn’t have anything to do with this discussion so again let’s just keep it simple. Again for these older films Spoiler Warning.

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Top 5 Most Evil (Human) Villains

Also to make this a little more interesting, this is just for human characters since if not this would have to mostly go to otherworldly creatures or devils and the like. Again, if you want that then maybe that can be a later list. In addition, I’m keeping characters based off of real people out of the list as again they’d take up most of the list and I’d rather not have this article basically be Hitler’s inner circle. Lastly. even though this is a Halloween article I’m going to try and not restrict myself to just Horror films for these characters since as we all know evil comes in all sorts of places and as with all of my lists I like to pick different stuff since a.) it’s just how my brain works and b.) I think its more interesting not going with the obvious stuff. *SPOILER Warning some of these entries will require me to discuss the film’s plots and twists to explain their appearance on the list.*

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TBT Review: “Cape Fear” Surpasses the Original

The original “Cape Fear” from 1962 starred Robert Mitchum and Gregory Peck (and ironically enough came out the same year as his iconic turn in“To Kill A Mockingbird”) was meant to be remade by Steven Spielberg. However, after working on the script for a while he decided he’d rather work on “Schindler’s List” but unfortunately the rights were owned by Martin Scorsese. Luckily for him Scorsese was willing to trade and threw himself into the scripting. Let’s see how it turned out and where it’s better or worse than the original.

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