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Top 5 Rankin/Bass Christmas Specials

I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks, I LOVE the Rankin/Bass Christmas specials! They were a tradition when I was a kid, they’re a tradition now, I’ll make sure they’re a tradition with my future kids. They’re the essence of nostalgia for me. However, which ones are truly the best at capturing the Christmas spirit? Let’s find out!

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What Defines A Christmas Movie And What Films Classify

When it comes to Christmas films, there is an adequate amount of subjectivity in regards to the which movies can be considered a holiday tradition. Movies like “Elf” or “A Christmas Story” are apparently influenced by the holiday while other films like “Die Hard” or “Gremlins” are constantly debated. So how is a film categorized as a Christmas movie?

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The Top 4 Maybe/Maybe Not Christmas Movies

We all know the Christmas classics and specials we all watch. We even have a lot of unconventional Christmas movies like “Gremlins”, “Die Hard”, etc. But what about the movies you’re not sure about or that you never see on these kinds of lists? Well making a a normal list, but filling it with out there stuff is kinda more calling on this site so let’s begin another list.

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Eric’s Top 3 Emotional Christmas Specials

We all know the Chuck Jones’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” or “The Charlie Brown Christmas,” or any of the million versions of “A Christmas Carol” specials that are loved by all for how they get us right in the feels, but what about the ones no one talks about? It’s staggering to think about how many specials have been made for this holiday. Some are terrible and we rightly forget about them but then there are those that deserve some love but fell through the cracks. I had more to talk about but, couldn’t unify them under a good theme that made sense for all of them so I took the ones I most wanted to talk about and figured out the common link of them. I’m fine with going for quality over quantity. Oh and SPOILERS, lot’s of SPOILERS.

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5 Unconventional Christmas Movies With an Edge

“Christmas Vacation,” “Elf,” “A Christmas Story.” These are staple Christmas-themed films that most everyone has come to love over the holidays. But while there are many that people love to list as their holiday favorites, there are a couple unconventional and edgy Christmas films that people might not think twice about.

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Review: ‘Krampus’ Lots Of Potential; Too Much Disappointment

Krampus had lots of potential to start off with, but the lackluster characters, cliché dialogue, and inconsistencies keep me from recommending you to go out and spend money to see. It tries to have fun with its PG-13 rating and dysfunctional family, but it all comes off like they were trying too hard, resulting in some disappointing dramatic and action sequences. There’s genius somewhere in this film and this script, but overall I’d wait for it to premiere on HBO or another television station after its video release.

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