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‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’ Coming to Broadway?

“Harry Potter And The Cursed Child” hasn’t been enjoying quite the amount of acclaim that the rest of the series has gotten. But the stage play has nevertheless proven to be a big hit in London since it’s premiere last summer. So it probably won’t come as a huge surprise to Potter fans that plans are now being made to bring the show over to Broadway with the hopes of opening in Spring 2018.

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Matt’s Top 5 Musicals: The Filmed Stage Versions

With my recent return to the musical theater world and the Tony awards being right around the corner, I thought an article about film versions of musicals was appropriate. But I’m choosing versions people tend to not keep on the forefront of their minds. No, I’m not talking about the best picture winner in “West Side Story” and “Chicago” or the wonderful film versions of Rogers & Hammerstein’s greatest works.

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