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‘Blue Mountain State’ Live Stream Party Happening Tonight!

To celebrate the release of the recent “Blue Mountain State: Rise of Thadland”, the men behind the raunchy yet entertaining film will be hosting a live party tonight. Chris “Romanski” Romano (actor/writer/creator) and Eric Falconer (writer/creator) will be joined by Alan Ritchson (actor) as they host the party live on YouTube.

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Exclusive: The Guys of ‘Blue Mountain State’ Give Explicit Insight Into ‘Rise of Thadland’

I had the chance to speak with the men behind the popular TV series “Blue Mountain State” and their spinoff film, “Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland.” Eric Falconer, Chris “Romanski” Romano, and Alan Ritchson held nothing (and I mean nothing) back when it came to the raunchy details of the show and their latest film. From sex toys to beastiality, they provided thorough and explicit details which may be too much for some. But if you’re a fan of “Blue Mountain State” and have no filter, then you will see why this interview is one of the most entertaining interviews that I have done in quite some time.

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