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Snowpiercer proves itself as this year’s sci-fi sleeper

<em>Snowpiercer</em> proves itself as this year’s sci-fi sleeper


Chris Evans shows his darker, edgier side in this year’s sci-fi sleeper “Snowpiercer.”

Cinematics(Plot, Acting, Cinematography, etc.)

“Snowpiercer” is a fast paced sci-fi comic book adaptation that delivers a unique post-apocalyptic story. In a world turned into a frozen wasteland from experiments based on Earth’s environmental changes, the only way to survive is on a technologically advanced train called “Snowpiercer.” Being introduced to this idea early on without any explanation brought about a bit of preemptive judgment which was immediately squashed as the pace of the film picked up. As the pace picked up, so did the plot accompanied by brutally entertaining moments of action. As the characters plowed through compartment after compartment on the train, the missing details of the plot were served up in a cohesively piecemeal fashion. Instead of divulging all of the film’s details up front, it seemed as though each train compartment contained an exciting detail putting the plot together like a puzzle.

Snowpiercer scenery

“Snowpiercer” gives a continuous glimpse of the exterior wasteland.

As the plot unfolded, so did the mystery surrounding the characters, especially Chris Evans’ character Curtis. Curtis, being the main protagonist, was the most interesting and also an interesting change of pace from Chris Evans’ more notable role of Captain America. As Curtis, Evans still gets to play a hero but we get to see a complete polar opposite from his role as Marvel’s first Avenger. His dark and brooding appearance accompanied his violently brutal fighting style as well as foreshadowed a dark past. Other characters such as Mason (Tilda Swinton) and Gilliam (John Hurt) represented the voice of the opposing forces that continually shifted the balance of the battle. In their roles, Swinton and Hurt both needed to play characters with more dynamic emotional range and both shine proving that their experience is more than welcomed amongst the cast. The security engineer Namgoong Minsoo played by Kang-ho Song is also a vital part to the progression of the film. He’s a very instinctive actor and character that is essentially the “key” to Curtis’ progression to each compartment on the train.

For its genre, “Snowpiercer” lined up a great cast that worked fluidly together with a dynamically evolving plot that maintains interest.

Entertainment Value

“Snowpiercer” quickly picks up the pace with its plot being based around a revolt which keeps a constant flow of robust, choreographed action sequences coming. In the moments in between the action there is a constant change of scenery as each compartment has specifically unique characteristics that define the social atmosphere. You are taken on a journey through the train revealing its inner workings and occasionally taking a view at the exterior icy wasteland.

By the end of the film I was thoroughly entertained visually, conceptually, and intellectually.


As I’m writing this review I can honestly say that I am ready to watch “Snowpiercer” again. I feel that its replay value goes hand in hand with its entertainment value because the key points of entertainment are the same reasons that I want to re-watch the film.

The rugged action and stunning visuals provide ample reasoning for giving the film a second watch and maybe a third and fourth as well.

Blu-ray/DVD Features

One thing that I’ve noticed since Blu-ray became that adapted choice for home media is that the added space has become underutilized when it comes to extra features. “Snowpiercer” is a film that takes full advantage of Blu-ray with both stunning visuals for the main feature and a plethora of extras on the bonus disc.

Snowpiercer Extras

Snowpiercer has a short animated prologue explaining the origins.

The bonus disc is comprised of a history of the original comic from which the film was adapted, history of Director Joon-ho Bong, the making of the film set, and interviews with all of the cast. If that wasn’t enough, there is also an animated prologue explaining the origins of the story and coverage of a live audience’s screening experience which included transportation in a train themed like “Snowpiercer.”


  • Cinematics
  • Entertainment Value
  • Rewatchability
  • Blu-ray/DVD Extras


Overall I would say that I was more than surprised by "Snowpiercer." It had an intriguing plot that was accompanied by an A-List cast. It was a bit raw and chaotic at moments but that raw chaos also gave the film a lot of character.

I was so thoroughly entertained that once the credits rolled I was more than ready to explore the film further through the bonus features and related media. I would recommend that any fans of the comic book blockbuster films go out of their way to view what I'm calling this year's sleeper for comic book films.


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