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Second trailer for Pixels is hilarious eye candy!

Second trailer for <em>Pixels</em> is hilarious eye candy!


The second trailer for “Pixels” highlights both comedy and visual splendor!

“Pixels” may be an Adam Sandler film that people are actually excited to see. Capitalizing on the popularity of 1980s video games, this could reach a nostalgic niche market that Hollywood hasn’t hit before. Oh and then there’s the fact that the amazing Peter Dinklage stars in the film! Check out the second trailer for “Pixels” below!

I think that this is a really smart film for Adam Sandler. Taking from the popularity of video game culture and playing to the comedic aspect of older gamers is a smart move and may put Sandler in the right direction for a change. Classics like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Galaga entering into pixelated real world environment creates a unique dynamic of visual eye candy for those that are both familiar with these characters and not. I admit that this concept has surprisingly put an Adam Sandler film on my radar!

“Pixels” also reunites Adam Sandler and Kevin James which have been seen as a toxic pair after their continual razzie awards for the “Grown Ups” franchise. Luckily the film also includes Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage and Frozen star Josh Gad which should help to dilute the toxicity. We may still get a few stereotypical quips from Sandler and James that will make us cringe but overall “Pixels” still has a lot going for it with its unique concept and other star-studded power. Hopefully this film will be the success that helps to launch Adam Sandler back into the positive limelight and help him to re-emerge as the iconic, comedic actor we once knew. But even with a great trailer and cast, we still unfortunately have to wait and see how the film will be perceived by audiences.

How do you think “Pixels” looks thus far? Is it on your must see list?

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