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Oscars 2015: Best Actors in Their Worst Films

Oscars 2015: Best Actors in Their Worst Films

Reese Witherspoon – Sweet Home Alabama

(nominated for “Wild”)

Sweet Home Alabama Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama

Reese Witherspoon is notorious for a bad romantic comedy once in awhile, but “Sweet Home Alabama” takes the cake for bad. Using one of the most generic rom-com film formulas, this film puts an engaged woman in a love triangle just before she is to be married.

In addition to a bad plot accompanied with bad dialogue, we have to deal with Reese Witherspoon’s accentuated southern accent that seems to pierce your eardrums. While she may be a great actress, films like these make me question her abilities. That is until I see her next Oscar nominated performance.

Bradley Cooper – All About Steve

(nominated for “American Sniper”)

Bradley Cooper All About Steve

Bradley Cooper in All About Steve

While he’s proven himself as an actor with quite a few Oscar nominated films, Bradley Cooper seemed like a “face actor” early in his career. Starring alongside Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper played the unattainable love interest of Bullock’s character.

“All About Steve” was a generic rom-com that put both Bullock and Cooper into stereotyped roles. Instead of developing any type of dynamic characters, we received a lovesick female lead chasing a good looking male that lacked much detail below the surface.

Eddie Redmayne – Hick

(won Best Actor for “Theory of Everything”)

Eddie Redmayne Hick

Eddie Redmayne in Hick

Eddie Redmayne and Chloe Grace-Moretz both are known as credible actors but unfortunately they did not pair well in the film “Hick.” The film was excruciating to watch and while Redmayne and Moretz both have reputable performances that define them as credible actors, “Hick” was definitely not one of those films.

The film was so stagnant that it’s a struggle to come up with anything else to say. Hopefully this was at least a decent payday for them.

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