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Who should be Batman’s next Joker?

Who should be Batman’s next Joker?

Heath Ledger Joker -

The revival of Batman is upon us and while Superman will temporarily suffice as a rival, when will his most maniacal nemesis reemerge? Who will be the next Joker?



Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger have both created a unique version of the Joker that has definitely influenced our perception of the character. With a revival of the character being inevitable, it is imperative that an actor with a certain caliber is selected to take on the role. Here are a few actors that I think could provide an interesting take on the character.

Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody Joker -

There were a few actors speculated to play the role of the Joker when the role was being cast for “The Dark Knight.” Adrien Brody was among those speculated and at that time he was my choice to play the part. He has been off the radar for some time because of a few moments of eccentric behavior but given the role of the Joker, I think that behavior is perfectly fitting. Despite what some may think of him, he is an Academy Award winning actor with vast range. He also doesn’t have the look of the average actor and his prominent features would just complement his abilities and the role he would play.

Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen Joker -

Michael Sheen is an actor who has taken on a variety of roles throughout his career. While he may not have received critical acclaim for every role, the versatility of these roles may be what is necessary to take on the role of the Joker. The Joker has a certain psychotic prestige and given Sheen’s darker roles such as “Underworld” combined with more prestigious roles like “Frost/Nixon,” I think he could definitely channel Batman’s arch-nemesis.

Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe The Joker -

Willem Dafoe is a genius of an actor and he has the face for the Joker as you can see above. From his nominations for “Shadow of the Vampire” and “Platoon” he’s already proven himself as a more than adequate candidate. In addition to his critical acclaim, he’s a seasoned actor that could definitely work well with a seasoned Batman if that is what the studios continue to pursue.

An Unknown

Question -

Sometimes it is best not to have anyone that audiences can relate to. There are many accomplished actors out there waiting for a big break and what better way to let them prove themselves than playing a character as iconic as the Joker? Many have their favorites when it comes to actors but a newcomer can easily become a new fan favorite.


Who should NOT be the Joker

There are a few fan favorites to play the Joker that have been circulating the net. Among these favorites are some great actors but despite their greatness, I feel that they just do not fit into the roles.

Crispin Glover

Crispin Glover The Joker -

He is selective in his roles and when he does take a role it is usually a quiet and reserved character. While I agree that Crispin Glover is a unique actor, I think that he is more suited for a role like the Riddler. His quietly reserved nature just seems unfitting for the Joker that we would like to see on the big screen.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Joker -

I am a huge fan of Matthew McConaughey and I love that he is on the rise, but I don’t think he should be considered for the role of the Joker. Despite my confidence in his acting abilities, there is not one role he played that comes to mind where his recognizable southern accent hasn’t been present. Along with many of his notable quips (“Alright Alright”), the role of the Joker would have so many hurdles to overcome that it wouldn’t be worth the time.

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill Joker -

Mark Hamill has been the voice of the Joker for a variety of things starting with “Batman: The Animated Series.” His voice is charismatic and entertaining but voice acting is much different than on screen acting. His portrayal is amazing but even if he could adequately play the character on screen, I think the character would be too animated for the role. I love Mark Hamill but I believe he is limited to voice only when it comes to the Joker.

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Richard Dingle

I agree with those “who shouldn’t”. Out of those who should only Adrien Brody speaks out to me. He could pull off the type of Joker representations I like. Dark knight Rises and “The Batman” versions are the best in my book. I can’t stand the “Ha Ha” interpretations, and am much more attracted to the ironic nihilistic interpretations. What if….. writers wanted to go for a new age version of the Joker, similar to recent casting of Lex? A younger person, who is a byproduct of this spoiled careless society. Who has become desensitized to other’s pain, and sterile… Read more »


I think Tom Hiddleston would be perfect for the role. He has that sinister grin and he’s a very good actor. Gaspard Ulliel would be another good choice. He has that mysterious look and that scar on his cheek just makes his smile very evil. Hell, I even think Mark-Paul Gosselaar would make a good Joker.


I think troy baker would make a good choice, though i am not so sure about his acting skills but his physique voice and face are perfect for the joker


I completely disagree on Crispin Glover. People forget or just plain don’t know that he also played the mocap for the Grendel in Beowolf. And though he was quiet for the majority of the film, his performance in Willard toward the end once he has snapped is right up the Jokers alley. Just because he’s “usually” quiet and reserved doesnt mean he can’t play the part. He looks perfect also. The new Joker that will possibly be in the new DCU, however, will be an older Joker. They are setting Batman 30 years in to his career, and are following… Read more »

Pantera Steve Chukra

i think Johnny depp or Willem Dafoe would make a good Joker or even me hahahahahaha

The Yes Guy

You Never Considered Jared Leto.!!!!! Mind-blowing Actor.!!

Mike Rivera

I always wanted Crispin Glover for the role of the Joker. Seeing this article has broadened my view on who could play it. There are so many great actors but I’m gonna stick to my guns.

Max Swanton

Michael Shannon would be pretty scary.

Cool Dude yo

Shannon already played General Zod in Man of Steel. He can’t play a second character in the new dc cinematic universe


how about jim carrey as joker


He already played the Riddler, it would be pretty redundant.

Ra LaMothe

I disagree with the choice of Crispin Glover not being a viable candidate. Actors play characters as they are written and just because the characters he has played were subdued, how do you know that the directors of those films didn’t want him to perform that way? Everyone freaked out when Michael Keaton was chosen as Batman and even Heath Ledger as the last Joker — and now the both are looked at as the quintessential actors of those roles. Personally I think Glover would be a great choice as he has the ability to give those dangerous dead eyes… Read more »

Malcolm Tudor

Willem Defoe would do a fantastic job. I think he could pull the whole sinister murderous psychopath thing off really well. He’s got that insane look in his eye and the smile says “I dare you to trust me”.




William Dafoe


micheal fastbender could pull it off. hes a great actor who always rises to the role.

Mathias Berger

i’d give Troy Baker a try, at least invite him for the casting. His joker voice is amazing, and he looks a little bit jokerish.
i wouldn’t hire him out of the blue, but a chance to prove himself.

DeLando Coleman

I believe it should be Johnny Depp. I believe he can pull off the role better than those who were mentioned. He’s used to dark roles and characters and would do excellent. I thought about Joseph Gordon-Levitt only because he favors Heath Ledger a bit, but I think he could as well. He could be a sleeper, just my take.


Always thought Nicholas Cage could be a good Joker if they want the Bat-s**t insane Joker.

Ibrahim Al Sadik

Timothy Hutton or Michael Des Barres might be good Joker, what your say?


Found this article by accident. The person I see providing the best possible Joker (it could turn out better than Ledger’s as well, but you can’t compare the different iterations really) is Robert Knepper. He is absolutely perfect – he has tons of charisma, a manic/psychotic edge to some of his roles and can provide perfect delivery. If this doesn’t happen It’d be one of the greatest missed opportunities in film.


Robert Knepper is a really interesting choice!

Mathias Berger

i’d give troy baker a chance. at least asking him in for casting.

he could fit and his voice acting is remarkable.

Rocky Mountain High

If it’s an older joker then what about Hugo Weaving? He did great in V for Vendetta. Or another great actor who I think could really add an interesting take would be Christoph Waltz!

Rocky Mountain High

If it’s an older joker then what about Hugo Weaving? He did great in V for Vendetta. Or another great actor who I think could really add an interesting take would be Christoph Waltz!


Matt Mc would own it #oscar


I think Matthew mcconaughey will pull it out great







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