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New Problems with the New “Jurassic World” Trailer

New Problems with the New “Jurassic World” Trailer

Jurassic World_raptors

June 12th the park will be open and the new official global trailer for “Jurassic World” gives us a new chance to speculate on the film.  This has been my favorite of all of the trailers and clips released so far, but there are a few worries that began to stir for me while watching.

1.  Yes, we get that the dinosaurs are smart.

“She clawed out her tracking chip”, “She’s killing for sport”, “They’re communicating”, “She’s a highly intelligent animal”.  In this single trailer there are 4 references to how smart the dinosaurs have become.  With this thrown in my face so many times I have become worried that the plot will come to rely too heavily on this single idea to drive any conflict that arises in the film.

2.  Am I the only one getting a Godzilla feel here?

There are several scenes in this trailer of pieces of the new genetically engineered dinosaur wreaking havoc across the park.  Since we are led to believe this is a big scary new type of reptile and we are shown cut scenes of eyes , teeth, and claws of terror I can’t help but feel some anxiety that the film could go in the direction of a low budget monster movie.

3.  Have I scene this before?

The film has been criticized from the start about relying too much on the original for its story arc and this trailer does not do much to dispel this fear.  The equation of “bring people to see dinosaurs + dinosaurs are underestimated = dinosaurs kill people” worked great in the original, but as we saw from two other sequels it is not enough to sustain the film or the franchise.  I continue to have hope for Jurassic World, but it will definitely need more surprises to keep it from falling flat.

Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think.

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On the Screen Review

You make a lot of excellent points that I didn’t even think about. I was too distracted by the glaring CGI that I couldn’t focus on anything else :







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