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Owen Wilson’s “No Escape” Trailer is Fast, Explosive and Awesome

Owen Wilson’s “No Escape” Trailer is Fast, Explosive and Awesome

Owen Wilson - No Escape -

What do Owen Wilson, Pierce Brosnan and Lake Bell have in common? The new deliciously bizarre and over-the-top action thriller, “No Escape.”

In this trailer we see some sort of undisclosed business man, portrayed by Owen Wilson (“Z00lander”), relocating his Wife, played by Lake Bell (“Children’s Hospital”), and two daughters to some undisclosed Southeast Asian nation. Next we encounter the dirtiest looking Pierce Brosnan ever seen on-screen, who reassures Wilson’s character that he’ll love staying in Asia (with a wide-eyed look that screams trustworthy).

You’re gonna love it here.

Daughter Toss - No Escape -

1, 2, 3… Toss!

Cue intense music from…”Transformers?” Suddenly the trailer devolves to a “Taken” meets “The Purge” kind of film which includes Wilson’s character throwing his daughter off the roof into the hands of his wife (because that is how you save people!). Apparently, Wilson’s character has moved to this Asian nation at the exact moment of coup. We then see multiple people get shot in the face and Wilson’s character shaking his wife, screaming at her that they are going to die there. Then we see Wilson save his daughter, Brosnan tells them to run to a rooftop, Wilson re-assure his family, then more people get shot in the face. At his breaking point, Wilson goes into his hero-mode and shoots ‘them’ in the face and, like i mentioned earlier, throws his daughter off a roof to… safety.


Family - No Escape -

Owen Wilson (left) and Lake Bell (center)

I have got to say that I am utterly excited for this movie. In a market with so many movies that take themselves too seriously, and ultimately are too serious to succeed, it is nice to see an action movie that has a darker tone with outlandish action moments befitting the early 90’s. The trailer looks hyper serious and doesn’t seem to deviate towards any typical Wilson-isms (“Wow”). The action elements are far from contrived and the trailer left me with more questions than spoilers.


Pierce brosnan - No Escape -

Pierce Brosnan in “No Escape” (2015)

The cast is even more enticing. The unlikely trio is composed of two comedic actors and a retired James Bond. Lake Bell is hilarious in Adult Swim’s “Children’s Hospital,” so I am curious to see how she will operate in a more dramatic environment. Brosnan is no newbie when it comes to drama and action, so I think his “Remington Steel” and Bond background will bolster the absurd action moments. Wilson has also done action in the past, alongside Gene Hackman in “Behind Enemy Lines,” so I am sure he can tap that role and take it the extreme. I would say there is no escaping my excitement for this bizarrely appealing action flick set to hit theaters September 2, 2015.

Watch the Trailer for “No Escape” below. What do you think? We wanna know, so tell us in the comment section below.

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Looks intense, and I’m honestly excited to see Owen Wilson in a role like this again. Feels like he’s been doing comedies for the past several decades.


I agree, it will be good to see hm in-front of a backdrop of explosions!







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