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Does New “Hitman” Trailer Hint at a Hit ?

Does New “Hitman” Trailer Hint at a Hit ?


With the continued lacking of Hollywood originality, an important question for film production has become: “when is the right time for a reboot?”  In the case of “Hitman” it seems they have guessed about 8 years.  The original 2007 film based on the popular video game franchise was undoubtedly a flop and it looked as if the chance for Agent 47’s run on screen was game over.  Now it looks like the genetically engineered assassin, this time played by Rupert Friend, has gained an extra life power-up with the newly released trailer.

Zachary Qunito’s familiar Spock face shows up throughout the trailer to keep our attention, but Rupert Friend and Director Aleksander Bach, who have been creating waves on independent films, are relatively new to American Action Blockbusters.  Being a fan of the “Hitman” games and eager to see what lessons were learned from the ’07 debacle, the trailer has me looking forward to an action-packed film.  Still, it is hard to make a good film based on video games (cite Mario Brothers, Doom, etc, etc…) and it is still possible that 8 years might not be enough time to before hitting the restart button (cite countless Hollywood sequels and reboots).

Tell us your opinion.  Will the new “Hitman” be a hit?


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