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Jeremy Saulnier Walks Into the ‘Green Room’

Jeremy Saulnier Walks Into the ‘Green Room’


Jeremy Saulnier, is an emerging and very talented indie director who broke out with the low budget thriller “Blue Ruin” back in 2014. His follow-up “Green Room” is a buzzy title expanding across the country this weekend. He spoke during a post-film Q&A screening that was simulcast across the country at Alamo the Drafthouse theaters.

Film Fad (Kenny):

First off, people notice that Patrick Stewart is the most recognizable face among the cast. His roles from “Star Trek” and “X-Men” has garnered a following among movie goers. Landing Patrick Stewart was a dream bit of casting where the stars truly aligned. However connection to the management company he works with began the initial conversation. Stewart was very captivated with the screenplay. And couldn’t have been cast at a perfect time. He came on board 10 days before production.


Jeremy Saulnier:

“It was just serendipitous timing,” Sauliner recalled. “He was looking for something new. He responded to the tension created in “Blue Ruin.” He chose us and when Patrick Stewart chooses you, you say, ‘yes!”

Film Fad (Kenny):

Saulnier admitted that “Green Room” is about learned aggression with shades of tribalism. The violent nature conveys the themes while showcasing the animalistic depraved side of human nature. Saulnier made an interesting comparison to the pitbulls in the movie with human nature. This theme is explored with greater detail.

Jeremy Saulnier:

“There’s somewhat of a thesis behind this movie. It’s about learned hatred, learned aggression, ideology, labels, make you who you want to project yourself to be, and what unfold to strip people of that ideology. It’s about survival and being human.”

Film Fad (Kenny):

Comparing “Blue Ruin” and “Green Room,” Saulnier likes his location as a way to escape from big city distractions. He mentioned making movies in smaller towns were easier to manage as well as escape urban stress.

Jeremy Saulnier:

“It’s real. I have been in Brooklyn for 22 years. I just gravitate toward remote areas because I find them friendlier,” he said

Film Fad (Kenny):

Saulnier valued his learning experience with “Blue Ruin,” but “Green Room” was a very challenging for him. He considered it his first ‘real’ movie because he had to adjust to industry standards.

Jeremy Saulnier:

“[“Green Room”] is my first time making a real movie,” he said. “I had to acclimate to the industry and the reality of making a big union movie with a certain schedule and a certain budget, but overall we had a pretty decent schedule and we made up time. It worked out great. It’s all small scale, but very intimate with how we choreographed. It was done in a safe way.”



Film Fad (Kenny):

Thankfully, Jeremy didn’t forget his roots while making “Green Room.” Usually auteur directors prefer to work with the same actors. However, just because Macon Blair was in “Blue Ruin,” he had to go above and beyond to earn a supporting role in “Green Room.” Initially Saulnier needed to be convinced that Blair was he right guy for the movie.


Jeremy Saulnier:

“He did a self-tape audition and he blew me away. I was careful not to just give him roles randomly, but I had someone else in mind and Macon just earned it. I gave it to him and I felt very comfortable casting him because our casting director Avy Kaufman was blown away.”


Film Fad (Kenny):

In struggling to describe this genre bending movie, I want to avoid revealing too much. How would I describe it? Is it a gruesome thriller? Circumstantial horror? Likewise, Saulnier believes audiences should experience it and will have a strong reaction to the mayhem.


Jeremy Saulnier:

“It’s experiential with a literal theme that Anton’s character Pat says ‘you gotta be there.’ It’s textured,” Saulnier said. “It was an amazing physical experience and I wanted to harness that energy and give people that gut punch and elicit an involuntary response.”


Green Room opens wide across the country this weekend. It will elicit involuntary responses from audience members. This satisfying drama is one of the year’s best movies and a very captivating thriller. This is another A24 cult classic.

Be sure to check out “Green Room” and give us your thoughts!

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