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Indie Spotlight: Colton Tapp’s ‘The Restraining Order’

Indie Spotlight: Colton Tapp’s ‘The Restraining Order’


Colton Tapp’s “The Restraining Order” is making gaining massive traction!

If you’re unfamiliar with Colton Tapp, he’s a multi-talented, up and coming actor/filmmaker that is determined to make a name for himself. Back in June we did an interview with Colton where we discovered the potential he had to continue on his rise. With a recently received Best Actor award from the Dallas Horror Film Festival, Colton has taken his talents even further with a film that’s already met its goal on Kickstarter. “The Restraining Order” is a horror film that is composed of some already stunning shots and a suspenseful theme. Check out the trailer below.

Just in time for the Halloween season, this trailer showcases many of the elements we look for in a horror film. The sense of helplessness and isolation are undeniably present in the trailer. There’s also the element of mystery surrounding whatever is hunting the characters. The fun part about this mystery is that they’re allowing everyone to guess what it could be and win tickets to the premiere. Check out the Kickstarter campaign below for more information on the film and the rewards for helping fund this film.


Colton’s $3000 goal has already been met!

With a number of proven, talented people on this film, this is definitely a project to get behind. Road Rage Productions and DreamKiller Entertainment are the two production companies attached to this project. Joshua Briscoe is the go to person behind Road Rage Productions with a two-time win for Best Male Lead Actor at The Rack Focus Film Festival. Cassidy Kennedy, Lindsey Craft, and Restin Burk are a few key actors in this project as well. These filmmakers have the accolades that prove they are more than capable of making this film happen, especially in the realm of horror. With an expected release date of October 10, 2016, “The Restraining Order” may be the indie horror film you’re looking for this Halloween.

In addition to their Kickstarter page at, you can check out “The Restraining Order” on social media on their Facebook page at

Tell us your thoughts on “The Restraining Order” so far! What is your guess on the big mystery threat?

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