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How ‘The Force Awakens’ Mirrors ‘Star Wars A New Hope’

How ‘The Force Awakens’ Mirrors ‘Star Wars A New Hope’

BB-8 is R2-D2


BB-8 is R2-D2

BB-8 is the source of the mission after being given data which is vital to the resistance. Like R2-D2 stranded on a desert planet, BB-8 remained vigilant about the mission to get that data to the resistance. BB-8 is tiny but feisty just like R2-D2, ready to defend when provoked.

While they may have a different appearance, they both have similar personalities and were given the task of being the source of the turning point for both “A New Hope” and “The Force Awakens.”

Kylo Ren is Darth Vader


Kylo Ren is Darth Vader

This is pretty obvious but Kylo Ren definitely filled the role of Darth Vader in “The Force Awakens.” Even Kylo Ren himself states that he is following in the footsteps of his grandfather aka Darth Vader. His attire and path are all like a tribute to Darth Vader which makes the similarities between the two more than apparent.

His allegiance to Supreme Leader Snoke is like Darth Vader’s allegiance to the Emperor. When he faced Han Solo it was much like Obi-Wan and Vader’s encounter where it was a pivotal conversation that ended in tragedy.

When it comes to the comparison between Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, it’s obvious. “The Force Awakens” establishes the connection between the two and the comparisons are endless.

Supreme Leader Snoke is Emperor Palpatine


Supreme Leader Snoke is Emperor Palpatine

Much like Kylo Ren being compared to Darth Vader, the comparisons between Supreme Leader Snoke and Emperor Palpatine from “A New Hope” are very much apparent. He’s a mysterious figure that Kylo Ren has brief encounters with and remains loyal to Snoke’s word.

Much like Palpatine in “A New Hope” a shroud of mystery surrounds Snoke. We never see him physically, it’s just a holographic form that speaks with General Hux and Kylo Ren.

He clearly plays the role of the Emperor with his role of leadership, his dark persona, and the mystery that surrounds him.

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