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Expendables 3 is a simple yet nostalgic thrill ride

<em>Expendables 3</em> is a simple yet nostalgic thrill ride

Expendables 3 -

The Expendables are back for a third film with some brand new action stars!


Cinematics(Plot, Acting, Cinematography, etc.)

“The Expendables 3” is nothing different from the previous films. With a cast known for horribly good action films you honestly can’t expect a lot of cinematic praise. The plot is simple, the characters haven’t changed, and overall the film is highly predictable. There are some new characters that are introduced but are insignificant for the most part. I was far more interested in the classic cast than the new cast and wish they would have focused all of the screen time on them. The franchise continues the formula from the last film by slowly integrating a younger cast with an older one which I think is a mistake.

Expendables 3 -

Classic cast members are the highlight of the film

The one redeeming cinematic feature is the amount of intense explosions throughout the film coupled with a variety fluid action sequences. The fight scenes and gunfights are just as fun as the massive explosions. Mixing the old cast with the new, they set an action standard for the older cast to prove themselves and they definitely do. Many of the actors (Stallone, Snipes, and Banderas) keep up with all of the “youngsters” and possibly outperform them on an action level.

Entertainment Value

By the third film you should know not to expect much from cinematic elements. Despite that fact, the overall mayhem carried the film and made it adequately entertaining. For nostalgic action afficionados, “The Expendables 3” is a reminiscent thrill ride that entertains on a familiar yet exciting platform. The thrill of the film is seeing new cast members show up in every film, especially those that are reliving their classic action roles.


Like most action films, “The Expendables” franchise is one that you can mindlessly watch over and over again. With that said, this would not apply to those that steer clear of the action genre. Another factor that makes this film a re-watch is the high concentration of familiar cast members. If you have a favorite action star then it is highly likely that one of these high profile cast members will appeal to you.


  • Cinematics
  • Entertainment Value
  • Rewatchability


From a male, testosterone driven perspective, I would recommend this film to most action lovers. For the less testosterone driven, I would say this film may not be for you because outside of action there are no other developmental elements of the film. "The Expendables 3" falls into the category of hit or miss due to it being geared towards action junkies. I would recommend it as a guys night out but definitely not a date night.


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