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Exclusive: Angela Bassett Talks ‘London Has Fallen’ and X-Men’s Storm

Exclusive: Angela Bassett Talks ‘London Has Fallen’ and X-Men’s Storm


We had the chance to talk to Angela Bassett about “London Has Fallen” and…X-Men??

“London Has Fallen,” the sequel to “Olympus Has Fallen” is almost here and in a recent interview with Angela Bassett, we discovered a few of the intricate details. From the preparation with retired Secret Service agents for her role as Lynn Jacobs to her pursuit of strong character roles, Angela Bassett enthusiastically conveyed her excitement for “London Has Fallen” and the future of her career. Check out a few of the highlights and watch the video below for the full interview.

On her preparation for the role of Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs…

Antoine [Fuqua], who was the director of Olympus [Has Fallen], initially had Secret Service, retired Secret Service officers who were there with us. Just giving us an idea of what proper protocol would be, how far we could go, what those relationships are like, what you would say, what might you do, options to that, and always to keep it thrilling.


Angela Bassett poses with Police Officers

On acquiring her strong, independent character roles over her career…

…some of them I’ve sought out but a lot of times it’s just roles that were available or the types of stories that were being told during that time, during those years, during that decade. Whether it was a time when biopics were really being done and then they sort of fall out of favor or the time when mini-series were being done then they fell out of favor and now they’re coming back into favor. So it was just the choices of the time.

On being a fan favorite pick to play Storm in an X-Men film and whether or not should would have been interested…

Absolutely. Absolutely I would. I remember that, it’s funny that you recall that but I remember that too.

And the full interview…

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