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‘Dragon Ball Z’: Christopher Sabat Voices Vegeta, Piccolo & More… And We Got Video

‘Dragon Ball Z’: Christopher Sabat Voices Vegeta, Piccolo & More… And We Got Video

We caught up with Christopher Sabat who popularly voices Vegeta in ‘Dragon Ball Z’ at Wizard World Richmond 2016.

We talked to Vegeta himself, ‘Dragon Ball Z’ voice actor Christopher Sabat, and this is what he had to say…

I always like a good wizard. I like to be inside a good… wait, that didn’t come out right. – Christopher Sabat

Amidst the fan clogged corridors of the Greater Richmond Convention Center, the droves of Wizard World Richmond 2016 attendees formed lines longer than “Snake Way.” One celebrity guest drew a particularly animated crowd, that guest being none other than immensely talented voice actor behind ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Saiyan royalty Vegeta, former lord of the underworld Piccolo, well-intentioned mere mortal Yamcha, the almighty wish-granting dragon Shenron and more – Christopher Sabat.

christopher sabat vegeta-ressurection-f-dragon-ball-z

Christopher Sabat voices Vegeta in ‘Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F’ (2015).

“Ah…ah…ah” That’s right! FilmFad caught up with the supreme Saiyan Sabat and talked everything from inhabiting the halls of World of Wizards (or inhabiting a Wizard itself) to his favorite voice acting roles of all-time. Chris also shows off his vocal prowess by running through his various ‘Dragon Ball Z’ voice roles in the exact same order he records them for the show!

Watch the full ~3:30 minute video to catch Chris effortlessly jog through his index of iconic ‘Dragon Ball Z’ voice roles, in order!

While Chris’ meet and greet area was packed tighter than a stadium during the “World Tournament,” he was gracious enough to give a die-hard ‘Dragon Ball Z’ devotee and lord Vegeta enthusiast (that’s me) a few moments out of his jam-packed schedule… and it was SO worth it.

From the get go, Chris’ humor filled personality was front and center as he quickly lightened the mood with some ambiguously sexual “wizard” talk. After briefly alluding to the herbal late-night antics that help get his creative juices flowing and pointing out the fact that he recently learned he has voiced over 600 characters in animation, video games and otherwise, Chris came clean as to his FAVORITE character to voice. But first…


Christopher Sabat voices Kitz Woerman (left) in anime series ‘Attack On Titan’.

Although he is probably most popularly known for his work on ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and the recent hit spin-off movies ‘Battle of the Gods’ and ‘Resurrection F,’ few people realize Chris has voiced a GREAT deal of OTHER notable characters. Just naming a few, Sabat has been a leading cast member for the American language versions of popular anime series such as ‘Attack on Titan,’ ‘Full Metal Alchemist,’ and ‘Ghost in the Shell.’

Okay, so I left you hanging. If you watched the video then you already know that Chris’ all-time favorite is none other than The Prince of Saiyans himself, Vegeta (duh). Not surprising, right? Given the alien anti-hero’s vast legion of cult followers, it is a no brainer that after such a long-stint voicing the character that Sabat would also find a undying love for the impetuous prince.

Of all the voices I’ve done, Vegeta is the one that resonates the most with me. Because I’ve played him for so long, I just know that character really well. – Christopher Sabat

On the other hand, Sabat claims to have had the most FUN voicing a certain soulful character named Garter Belt from a show called ‘Panty & Stocking.’

What is YOUR favorite Christopher Sabat voice? We want to know, so tell us in the comment section below.

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