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5 Films That Make Anthony Mackie AWESOME

5 Films That Make Anthony Mackie AWESOME

Anthony Mackie

He has come a long way from learning under the also oft under appreciated Don Cheadle off Broadway or pushing Eminem to the brink in 8 mile as Papa Doc. Now it seems as if Mackie has finally begun to garner some of the attention he rightfully deserves and may even be suiting up as the New Captain America if things don’t fall right for the old cap in this upcoming battle against Ultron and other supers in Age of Ultron and Civil War respectively. Of course that is purely speculation but one can dream right?

But lets take a step back for a moment and check out 5 of Mackie’s best and reminisce on all the times he’s wowed us, errrrr me for the sake of this article.

8 Mile

Anthony Mackie 8 Mile

Anthony Mackie as Papa Doc in 8 Mile

As Papa Doc, Mackie had Rabbit (Eminem) on the verge of breaking down and ending it all. Mackie’s performance was riveting and visceral. His hip hop delivery never feels forced and he feels powerful as a nemesis to Rabbit and as the film’s antagonist. The film produced an Academy Award for best song but it should also be credited for putting Mackie on the map as an up and coming black actor of note.

She Hate Me

Anthony Mackie She Hate Me

Anthony Mackie in She Hate Me

With a few other minor performances under his belt, this film marked Anthony Mackie’s breakthrough performance (as evidence by his Nomination for Best Breakthrough Performance at the Black Reel Awards). This film is pretty wild and imaginative. Mackie handles all this craziness with a wit that is believable and endearing. If you haven’t seen it check it out!

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