nicolas cage as superman -

[Source: TheWrap]

It was 1997 and Tim Burton set out to make the most unique Kevin Smith penned Superman film I have ever heard of.

Before there was “Ghost Rider,” Nicolas Cage was to cast into the role of the cape and S shield for “Superman Lives”. The movie was said to revolve around “The Death of Superman” comic storyline, where Brainiac aims to destroy the man of steel by blocking out his yellow sun power source and unleashing Doomsday, a deadly Kryptonian monster, upon Metropolis. Being the Brainiac that he is, the plan works and Superman is laid to rest. That is until the Eradiator, a 200 millennia old sentient Kryptonian program suit who also happens to be a genetic copy of Supes, resurrects the man of steel. To do so, the Eradicator effectively becomes Superman’s suit, artificially producing all of his powers, until Supes ultimately regains his abilities.

Sounds like a freaking awesome movie right!? Oh, and did I mention Lex Luthor was also in the mix? How about that Superman had a lightning suit among other ridiculously unique character concepts. Well, it was never finished and sadly so.

Fast forward to 2013,  “Metalocalypse” producer Jon Schnepp, a self-proclaimed enthusiast of the failed comic flick, made a promise. That promise was that if he was able to achieve enough crowd-funding, he would then make a in-depth documentary on what exactly happened back in 1997. Well, it is now 2014 and the 1st teaser trailer has hit the inter-webs and boy is it enticing.

Schnepp organizes a impressive collection of people involved with the project to discuss the successes, failures and general back story of the flightless film. Director Tim Burton and original screenwriter Kevin Smith are joined by producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, production designer Rick Heinrichs, screenwriter Wesley Strick, costume designer Colleen Atwood, special effects supervisor Steve Johnson, storyboard artist Tim Burgard, and associate producer Derek Frey. In this teaser, there is much talk about the fresh take on the character the production team hoped to explore. But, the trailer alludes to the fact that “Superman Lives” was just one iteration of the Superman debacle that spanned over a decade.

Schnepp’ goal is to raise at least $85,000 to complete post production on the feature length documentary. He has done so through his crowd-funding page,  As an incentive to contribute, Schnepp is offering posters, signed Blu-rays and DVDs, t-shirts, hand-made action figures, as well as a variety of producer credits.

Check out the trailer for “The Death of ‘Superman Lives’: What Happened?” below.