Alien Movie

According to Variety, 20th Century Fox has closed a deal for a new “Alien” film. They are also reporting that Director Neill Blomkamp (“Elysium”) is set to direct the film which has been speculated for quite some time. The film is expected to be separate from the “Prometheus” sequel from Ridley Scott.

20th Century Fox has closed a deal with director Neill Blomkamp to develop a new “Alien” movie.

Neill Blomkamp has been teasing a new film for quite some time and it has been driving the fans crazy. Just recently he posted a picture on Instagram of the “Alien” iconic creature, the xenomorph. It looks like the viral approval of the internet has once again set plans in motion for another film! I know that I’m excited.

Given that the film is supposedly separate from the “Prometheus” franchise, I wonder if this will be a continuation in the story, a reboot, or a part of a cinematic universe remaining separate but connecting the “Prometheus” films.

Many will agree that Neill Blomkamp is a perfect fit for directing the film and if it’s a reboot he will definitely give the franchise a fresh new look. I think we can all expect that the cinematography will be top notch based on his other sci-fi type films.

Are you excited for another “Alien” flick? Think we will see Sigourney Weaver again?