Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber getting egged may be the best thing you see today!

As a child pop star you rolled your eyes but now when you hear his name it makes you cringe. Justin Bieber has been voted as one of the worst things to come from Canada and now we’re getting our payback. Comedy Central managed to get Justin for one of their infamous Comedy Central roasts and the promo video is hilarious. Watch as Justin Bieber gets eggs hurled at him in the video below.

I have to say that I always enjoy the Comedy Central’s celebrity roasts. Whether it be James Franco or Charlie Sheen, they all have their laughs to be had. With the Justin Bieber roast, we will have host Kevin Hart dictating the jabs at young Bieber. From the combination of Hart’s humor and the hatred of Justin Bieber, I think it’s easy to say that this may be one of the funniest Comedy Central roasts yet.

Are you looking forward to seeing Justin Bieber roasted?