The trailer for “It Comes At Night” debuts with eerie mystery.

From the studio that brought us “The Witch,” comes another horror film aiming to give you chills. With the first trailer for “It Comes At Night,” we get a preview of what “it” is while leaving us with a lot of mysterious elements to be uncovered. Take a look at the trailer below.

The film’s setting is in a post-apocalyptic world terrorized by an undisclosed threat. Living in this world, one man protects his family through a system of rules and guidelines, but things take an unprecedented turn when another young family seeks refuge.

Joel Edgerton stars in the film and is no stranger to the genre. While not a horror movie, his other film “The Gift,” carried an eerie level of suspense. His experience in that film should carry over well into “It Comes At Night” despite many of the film’s elements not yet revealed.

In addition to this film and “The Witch,” A24 has become the home of many critically acclaimed films including the Oscar nominated films “Moonlight” and “20th Century Women.” Other films including “Swiss Army Man,” “The Green Room,” and “The Lobster” have also received their fair share of acclaim.

“It Comes At Night” has a release date set for August 25, 2017. Currently this may be a limited release like some of their other films.

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