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Ben Affleck may not be held in the highest regard right now due to his upcoming role in Batman vs Superman but he does seem to be perceived well in suspenseful dramas. With Director David Fincher behind the project as well, Gone Girl seems to be generating quite the buzz. The latest trailer gives a very dark and mysterious feel to the film which resembles Fincher’s earlier film Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Take a look at the trailer below.


Despite the popular story, Gone Girl has David Fincher written all over it. Surrounded by an eerie backdrop and dark ominous tones, there are many aspects that make this a Fincher styled film that we’ve all grown to appreciate. While the readers of the book may already know the story, the plot as conveyed from the trailer presents a very intriguing mystery that catches your attention. I think that Gone Girl is a perfect opportunity for Ben Affleck to gain some positive public opinion and think he will be more than adequate in the role. Gone Girl is set for release on October 3, 2014.