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Review: “Fist Fight” Is A Morally Confused Mess

“Fist Fight” is something I somehow seemed to miss in terms of all the marketing, so I honestly had no idea what to expect. Still I tried to give it a fair shot. It didn’t exactly work out for me. This is the sort of film I can see being divided clearly across lines of critics and “normal” viewers. Only time will tell with that, but until then let me try my best to explain why “Fist Fight” didn’t work for me.

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Review: ‘Dirty Dancing 30th Anniversary’ Relives The Nostalgia In Remastered Form

“Dirty Dancing” is a timeless classic. When Baby Houseman (Jennifer Grey) embarks on a family vacation, she finds herself in awe of a local dance instructor named Johnny Lawrence (Patrick Swayze). Things escalate as she reluctantly becomes Johnny’s dance partner and romance ensues. The 30th anniversary edition of the film brings about nostalgia and supplemental value from interviews with cast members and never before seen extras.

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Review: ‘Split’ Carries A Surprise Ending Shyamalan Fans Will Love

M. Night Shyamalan brings us his latest horror/thriller “Split” starring James McAvoy as 24 different “characters.” As a man with 24 distinctly different personalities, McAvoy’s character kidnaps three young girls for unknown reasons. Reasoning with the different personalities to escape captivity, these 3 girls strive to find the personality that is more sympathetic to their plan.

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