The latest trailer for A24’s horror film “The Witch” is spine-tingling excitement.

After gaining Golden Globe buzz for their film Room, A24 aims to build anticipation with the latest trailer for their film “The Witch.” Labeled as strictly a horror film and based in colonial times, this film has been gaining its own buzz with audiences anticipating its wide release. Check out the trailer below and see if that same anticipation builds for you.

One element that I always appreciate about a good horror film is not what’s in the film, but what’s not in the film. Trading the flair of special effects and CGI for an eerie setting and subtle scares lets the audience create an image in their minds rather than painting it for them. From what we’ve seen from this trailer, “The Witch” seems to embrace simplicity and may be a horror film that may send chills down your spine organically.

The silence, the isolation, and the small but creepy moments throughout this trailer create dark imagery that could not be conveyed through any sort of CGI. The blood from the goat utter, the whispering in the goat’s ear, and the overall mystery seem to feed the imagination of the audience. Hopefully the film can be spoken of in a similar fashion.

In addition, the indie realm is a great place to build horror films and hopefully this film found a good home with A24. The buzz circulating across the indie wire is strong and if it continues, “The Witch” may reach a more mainstream audience as well. The film has a lot of newcomers including both the cast and director so if audiences respond well, this could mean big things for their future in Hollywood.

The film is currently slated for release on March 11, 2016.

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