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Wet Hot American Summer: Then and Now

<em>Wet Hot American Summer</em>: Then and Now

Janeane Garofalo

Janeane Garofalo - WHAS -

Beth (Garofalo) ponders the vast potential of her burgeoning career.

THEN: I hate to say it, but “WHAS” has been what seems to be the peak of Garofalo’s career. Prior to 2001, she collected an impressive slew of credits starting with “The Ben Stiller Show,” to “Reality Bites,” then to “SNL,” only to go on to star in “The Cable Guy,” “Cop Land,” “Dogma,” and the list goes on.


Janeane Garofalo -

A scene symbolic of Garofalo’s current career.

NOW: With the exception of a long stint on “24,” Garofalo has pretty much done a few random guest appearances and short lived tv shows. Hopefully the new “WHAS” series will rekindle her once blazing career.



Well, that wraps it up for FilmFad’s Wet Hot American Summer: Then and Now. Make sure to check out the upcoming “Wet Hot American Summer” Netflix series. Not only will the entire original cast be in tow, but rumor has is that many new A-Listers have jumped aboard including Kristen Wiig and Chris Pine. I am excited for the first day of the last day of summer camp, how about you?

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