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TBT Review: ‘Howard the Duck’ is Famously Bad

Howard the Duck is bad. There are those out there who enjoy it, but I don’t. It may not be as bad as some make it out to be (there are far, far worse films out there) but it is still a bad film. It does feel like there maybe could have been a good film in it, but was never allowed to hatch. The direction and tone go all wrong at the wrong times. While some of the acting is fine there are just as many awful performances in it. And while technically decently made it’s flaws really do consume it.

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Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts Hits a Snag… Again

Well if you’re George Lucas and you’ve sold off the rights of Lucasfilm to Disney, you build a museum. Yes since January 2014 George Lucas has been trying to make his vision into a reality. Lucas first attempted to bring it to San Francisco before plans fell through. More recently the fight has been to bring it to Chicago. However, a dispute over the land with an activist group may have derailed plans yet again.

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