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Interview: Bob Castrone, director of ‘Flock of Dudes’

Hey, what’s up, everybody? This is Matt Brunhofer from FilmFad. This week the latest Chris D’Elia comedy, “Flock of Dudes,” opened nationwide in select theaters and on iTunes on Friday, September 30th.

I got the chance to interview the film’s director, Bob Castrone, and I talked to him about the movie’s origins, his background in the industry, and even asked for some advice he could give to aspiring directors and writers out there.

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Review: ‘Flock of Dudes’ Tickles The Heart and Funny Bone

I can relate to many aspects of this adult coming-of-age tale, because… well, I’m a late-bloomer like these guys. So much so that several of the situations in this story are very similar to the ones I’ve experienced out here in Los Angeles, where the movie takes place ironically. This fact automatically triggers a relatable engine on my end, but “Flock of Dudes” is so smart and so well structured that it will entertain a wide array of audiences. Some of the comedic devices may be too over-exaggerated and campy for a small percentage of viewers, but the honesty lying beneath the superficial layers will send a bolt of charm through audiences across the globe.

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