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5 Fake Movies I’d Actually Watch

We all love movies. I’m going to assume that’s the case if you’re on this website and reading my articles. According to this statistic I found off of google, the average person in America sees about 1,250 movies in their lifetime. We will of course never see all of them but to make matters worse we have a bunch of fake films that we’d watch in a hot second and this is a salute to the best ones. Ground rules are, I’m skipping the fake trailers from “Grindhouse” and “Tropic Thunder.” Two reasons are, one because they’d take up most if not all of the list. And two because I think they’ve been pretty well covered across the internet and I doubt I’d be able to add much. The other rule is this isn’t JUST for the best or funniest fake trailers, these are all movies that I legitimately want to watch. If a filmmaker was like, “I’m going to film this as an actual movie,” I’d be all for it. Let’s get started.

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