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Review: ‘Equity’ Holds Honesty and Realism

“Equity” examines women and their roles in the world, especially on Wall Street and in corporate America. With exceptional performances by all of the actors and with characters you can sink your teeth into, these women, and some men, do a wonderful job carrying you through a roller coaster ride of a story, which has perfectly placed plot points and an ambiguous ending. But, a roller coaster can sometimes have too many ups and downs, making tension conflict with boredom. While in no way is “Equity” an uninteresting experience, the absence of a constant layer of tension makes the film lack substance at times, frequently going from one tension-filled scene to a scene where a sense of safety and content take over. This didn’t stop me from enjoying the story that was being told and the characters carrying me along through it, although I can still guarantee older audiences will enjoy it much more than I did. At the end of the day, “Equity” is an important film not looking to grab awards and sweep the Oscars. It’s just a story that wants and needs to be told, and through Meera Menon’s exemplary direction, that point gets across in an honest and realistic fashion.

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